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The Hive Education

Dedicated to care and education: Our Educational Programs. and our exclusive curriculum enables our teachers to create personalized learning experiences, appropriate to every age group.


Our infant care program offers a nurturing and secure environment with lots of love and attention. We introduce classroom activities to further enhance the foundation for social-emotional skills, and to encourage our infants to carefully observe and interact with the world around them. Teachers provide warm and personalized care, always helping infants with feeding, nap and playtime routines. We view parents as our partners, and believe that by working together, children will have a more productive and satisfying early childhood experience.


We channel children’s increasing energy and curiosity into fun learning activities and playtime to form a strong, positive sense of identity. Our toddler program is based upon building and sustaining warm, trusting and responsive relationships between the children and the adults who care for them.

Preschool Daily Routine

Preschool children are active and always –busy-bee– working. Your child’s day will be filled with routines and learning experiences that are consistent and predictable to reach a sense of accomplishment and success for them. Each child has innate social, emotional, physical and intellectual capacities that can be developed through self-paced learning and exploration, supporting individuation and allowing children to develop their own essential nature.

After-School Program

Our after-school program turn the aimless hours after school into productive learning time, promoting cooperation, support, and respect. This can help kids feel more secure about joining a game or starting a conversation. Homework help from an afterschool program will reduce battles at home, and may improve your child’s social skills. Our approach to education and care is aligned with The Hive’s philosophy.