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The Hive Education provides parents with peace of mind by giving children an exceptional education every fun-filled day in a place as nurturing as home. It is our number one goal to provide the kind of environment and the kind of influences that encourage all children to become creative, independent, responsible, well rounded, self-directed adults who can make decisions by themselves.

The Hive Education prides itself for offering the best learning environment for each and every child that attends any of our Learning Centers. We are proudly located in Southern New Mexico serving Santa Teresa, Sunland Park & Chaparral. Our 20 years plus experience, leadership and innovation has positioned us as the premier educators in the region.

Bumble Bee
Learning Center

BumbleBee is a five-star, full day learning center offering Daycare, Early Pre-k, Pre-k, & Afterschool programs. Our learning center offers age-appropriate and intellectually stimulating programs that focus on the growth and development of the child’s essential skills, mental, physical (fine and gross motor), intellectual, social and emotional.

N.M. Children First

Learning Center

In collaboration with La Clinica de Familia gives children the very best start in life with Early Head Start. Designed to nurture and support your child’s physical, socio-emotional, and intellectual development, pregnant mothers can even benefit from these resources and services. In addition our facility has an afterschool program where kids relax in the Rattlesnake Lounge, finish their homework or socialize with their friends.

Brilliant Bees
Learning Center

At Brilliant Bees we capture each child’s enthusiasm for exploration and learning by providing age-appropriate, child-initiated and teacher-directed activities in a safe, nurturing environment. Our environment is designed to stimulate creativity, cognitive growth, and social interaction. Our Core services include: Daycare, Early Pre-K, Pre-K & Afterschool programs.

“We at The Hive Education believe in the value of human diversity and their treatment of all people. Our desire is for excellence in meeting the needs of children and their families for nurturing, growth, developing relationships and understanding that our values and beliefs about children are deeply rooted in Early Childhood Education”

Daisy Lira

Our Educational Programs


Our infant care program offers a nurturing and secure environment with lots of love and attention.


Our toddler program is based upon building and sustaining warm, trusting and responsive relationships

Preschool Program

Preschool children are active and always –busy-bee– working.

After School Program

Our after-school program turn the aimless hours after school into productive learning time, promoting cooperation, support, and respect.

Meet Dash

Dash has left its honeycomb and has traveled all over the world to meet the children of The Hive Education. Dash is a delightful bee that likes to read, study and have fun with its friends. Dash has decided to stay with us and take care of our students so that they can learn about respect, discipline and solidarity.